Off Road Park Rules & Regulations

Below is the Rules & Regulations for the Off Road Park at St Thomas Dragway:

1.) All participants must check-in at the registration office, (driver/passenger/spectator) and must fill out and sign a current waiver

2.) St Thomas Dragway and its staff reserve the right to remove or deny any driver, crew, spectator or vehicle from any event or test session on the Off Road Park at any time for any reason. St Thomas Dragway is not responsible for any damage to any person or vehicle that may have happened as a result of being on site, be it in the pits, parking area or on the Off Road Park.

3.) No Impaired operation of any vehicle will be tolerated. This includes consuming any alcoholic beverage, marijuana product (edible or smoked) or any illegal narcotics. Failure to follow this will result in immediate removal from St Thomas Dragway with no refund

4.) Seatbelts must be worn at all times.  No child under 5 may be in a vehicle on the off road park and must be fastened in an appropriate child safety seat.

5.) Speed limit for everyone is 10 km/h in the parking areas, pits and on all main and two way roads.  All vehicles/machines must be in control at all times.

6.) All vehicle must have an attached tow strap already fastened to their vehicle in case they become stuck. It is up to the driver to attach their vehicle to the rescue vehicle to be towed out. Rescue vehicle driver will stay in their vehicle.

7.) St Thomas Dragway and its staff are not required nor should be expected to recover, or repair any vehicles out of the park.  Please have a way to get yourself out of the park if necessary.